Uniquik Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provide end-to-end systems that secure a consistent and clean power supply to your critical infrastructure. We carry and stocks a complete line of UPS Systems from all of the leading manufacturers. With one of the most comprehensive product offerings available on the market today, we are an industry leader and globally recognized provider of technologically advanced power quality solutions. Solutions ranging from 600VA to 5000KVA or more, single phase to three phase and run times from 3 minutes to several hours are available for immediate purchase. 

In addition to one of the largest selections of UPS equipment in the market, Uniquik Solutions offers turn-key installation and project management services to help you execute a seamless UPS replacement or new build. With our national network of electricians, electrical engineers, UPS technicians and service providers, we partner with you to ensure your UPS project is completed on time and on budget with the least amount of business disruption possible.

If you are unsure which UPS Manufacturer or product might be best for you, or you would like to discuss your particular power problem. We can provide the technical assistance you need to select the proper UPS System for your needs. Our sales team and service engineers can work with you to understand your requirements – what are you trying to protect and for how long?

Battery is a leading supplier of high-quality batteries, specializing in advance energy storage solutions for various industries. With a strong commitment to innovation and sustainable practices, we deliver reliable and eco-friendly battery solutions that power a wide range of applications. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge battery technology that empower our customers to meet their energy needs efficiently and sustainably. We Strive to deliver superior performance, exceptional quality and outstanding customer service, while minimizing our environmental impact.



An Inverter and Battery systems are a combination of two technologies that works together to provide backup power during power outages or for off-grid applications. The battery stores energy that can be used when there is a power outage, while the inverter converts the stored DC power into AC power that can be used to compatible with standard household power appliances and devices the inverter also ensures that AC electricity output is stable and clean, similar to the power received from the electrical grid. We can provide a reliable backup power source for homes or businesses, reduce energy costs by storing energy during off-peak hours and reduce carbon emissions by using renewable energy sources.

Uniquik Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a company that provides power solutions to fulfill all kinds of applications.Cabinet solutions offer equipment a cool, dry and clean environment through versatile fan, heat exchange, air conditioner or even hybrid cooling solutions. We offer compact power systems through highly efficient Energy series power modules. The latest 97% rectifier helps to reduce operator’s OPEX and carbon foot print. Furthermore, the new solar power system helps telecommunication operators enter renewable energy realm and shows the responsibility for the environment. Site controllers offer intelligent telecommunication site management to utilize the energy more efficiently. Coordinating cooling and power solutions..


USPL helps our customer to build a reliable, stable and economic service quality. We will provide the best isolations transformer as well as Servo stabilizer to control and supply pure power to our customers.

Solar System (Commercial & Residential)

Rising cost of Electricity makes today the best time to invest in Rooftop Systems. Uniquik Solutions Pvt. Ltd. be an Independent power producer, not only does a system pay itself off via Subsidies and lower, or No electricity bills.

A standard Solar system installation is affordable for almost anyone to get started on a Greener, Cleaner and Cheaper way forward. Installing a solar power plant will instantly add to the value of your residential or commercial establishment. Your most Profitable investment ever!

Solar Street Light with vast industrial experience, we are highly engaged in manufacturing and supplying wide assortment of best quality Solar LED Street Light. These goods are manufactured using finest quality material and advanced machines in conformity with the set industry standards & norms. In addition to this, these goods are carefully tested on different parameters of quality in order to offer faultless product to our valuable customers.




Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS - 600VA to 5000KVA).

Batteries (7AH to 200AH) - SMF/VRLA, Lithium-ion.

Inverter and Battery Solutions.

Servo Stabilizer (1KVA to 5000KVA)

Electrical Products.

Lighting Arrester.

Grounding and Bonding.

Power Quality & Grounding Audits.

E-Mobility - EV Charging.

Isolation Transformer (1KVA to 5000KVA).

Solar Solutions.

Earthing Solutions